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Become the missing link between vendors and customers in your vertical marketenvironment with PIELERS CLOUD. Provide your customers with multiple touchpoints like an online store, mobile apps, IoT scenarios, bot and language integrations. Additionally, create a strong cloud based infrastructure for your vendors.
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Use our already performing software and adapt it to the needs of your industry with an easy-to-use API.
Create your unique marketplace experience. Make your multiple front-ends fit your look and feel.
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The PIELERS CLOUD addresses the needs of your customers. Creating appropriate interfaces for your users.
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The PIELERS CLOUD is based on a marketplace suit with vendor, customer and operator back-ends. Depending on the right of access, users can access and manage product information, orders, warehouses, multiple operators, dropshipping partners as well as supplier information.

The marketplace suit can be extended with standalone modules, for example in the area of shipping, route planning, Elasticsearch, payment methods, analytics or individual solutions. In order to have user-centric touch points, each front-end can be sources with an API integration.



For Operators
The basis for an successful marketplace is full financial and operational control as well as transparency over all business transactions. With the help of the dashboard, operators always have a clear understanding of the performance of their marketplace. Classic functions such as billing, content management, automated order transfer, customer mailings or the flexible adaptation of supplier conditions are easy to use and do not require any programming skills.

For Customers
The shopping experience lies at the heart of the marketplace. Multiple touchpoints (e. g. desktop shop, mobile shop, App or voice commerce) enable seamless interaction with a customer. Simple navigation, detailed product information, one click buying, multi-vendor check out, simple order management, package tracking and vendor communication make customers happy. Customer and order information can be viewed and managed by the customers in their user back-end.

For Vendors
Simple product and order management allows vendors to focus on their customers. The order confirmations as well as detailed information about the shipping status are automatically updated. Automated routines help to keep all information up-to-date and guarantee  constant customer information. The customer communication tool makes direct customer communication easier and allows to connect customers with voucher tools and direct customer specific communication.


The multi-layer architecture encapsulates the different areas of responsibility into individual modules that are linked together.
In addition to the traditional webshop, the marketplace also includes different back-ends for different roles, native APP, Voice Commerce or IoT .
All marketplace processes are mapped through workflows that include event-based callbacks for customization and additional operations.
search intelligence
The search based on Elasticsearch included in the marketplace is scalable, tolerates misspellings and finds any type of content.
role based
The marketplace currently comprises three roles that interact with each other in different workflows: customers (B2C or B2B), vendors and operators.
accounting and BI
Operator and vendors receive a completely intergrated back-end, which makes invoices, orders and KPI  available and searchable.  
An extensively documented REST interface enables the development of project-specific applications and the linking of existing systems (e. g. ERP or CRM)
Based on AWS, the PIELERS CLOUD is automatically scaled to your needs. Compute-intensive operations are processed in message queues.
An API module releases aggregated payments and bookings with logistics providers. The transactions get logged and trigger automated confirmations to users.


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